Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Diversity is a sensitive issue since there are still hints of racism today. At ASU, you can clearly see the different ethnic backgrounds in our area and its good to see people of all race and color together for a single purpose which is to be educated. If your willing to accept others for who they are and not judge them by their color then it will help you in the future because at one time or another you will be forced to work with a person of a different race then you are.

Delia Saenz says students at ASU come from all 50 states and 141 nations throughout the world. It's really amazing to think the amount of people from all over the world who come together for a single goal, and when you have such a large pool of people with differences it's a good idea to interact with them to learn about their culture and beliefs instead of hating them because they are different. Openness is a positive way to view someone because it enhances understanding and contributes to forward movement. If we weren't open to others and their ideas then we will never be able to move forward and progress for new innovations and understanding. Sex is also part of diversity and not just race, women are just as important as men in our society so to discriminate them is to take a step backwards.

President Crow has conveyed that we must find ways to reach into all our communities with warmth and openness because in doing so everyone benefits and is happy as a result.


Anika said...

I love how you said women are just as important as men in the world. Thank you. It is true that if we continue to limit ourselves by not accepting diverse people, then we are missing out on so much. Just because a person is different from us does not mean they have nothing of value to contribute for the greater good.

smithsan said...

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