Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Green Living: Sustainability

Sustainability is a word that is vital to our world, some people might automatically think of it as something that isn't real or not something that we need to deal with right now. However, this is far from the truth because there is scientific evidence supporting the idea that humans are contributing to global warming and our resources on earth are finite so at the rate we our using them, eventually there will be none left for future generations.

Chuck Redman informs us that our resources are finite and that the ability of earth to replenish the resources is not keeping up with the rate of us using them. Also, our ability to work with other nations is very important because the effort to save our world is a worldwide one and us by ourselves is not enough. There are many challenges facing us today such as limited food supplies, water, pollution, global warming, and oil and natural gases, these all come together to work against us. One thing we can do is trade offs, balance the amount we need and use in order to slow down our usage as well as helping countries who are not developed yet. According to Redman one problem is the inequality in wealth and power, because the rich have more money then they need and the try to help them self and not others, the same goes for 1st world nations who don't aide 3rd world countries.

If we are willing and able to change our planet for the better then we must work together, put aside our differences and find a solution for solve the issues today because if we don't the consequences could be far worse then the cost of fixing it today.


Chris G said...

Our world is very finite and you make that clear by your references to Chuck Redman. I absolutely agree that there must be trade-offs our generation has to make in order for future generations to have adequate resources.

Jonna Weir said...

Working with other countries is very important becuase it will take everyones involvement, one country isn't able to do it all on their own. This is were global engagement takes place.