Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Entrepreneurship has many meaning to people in this world, one could be starting a business to help your community or the other is to make as much money as possible. According to Dan O’Neill ASU defines it as the spirit of creative risk taking. To me it's someone or a group of people who are willing to go the extra mile and to think outside the box to be able to build a business or organization that does a service for the outside community.

The people who go into this world and is successful is one who is very smart, not afraid of failure, bold, and resourceful. People such as Bill Gates are perfect examples of entrepreneurship done the right way, they don't wait for the right job to come to them they go out and make it come to them. Without them, we wouldn't have businesses and products that we use everyday such as computers, Ipods, or phones. For someone who wants to start their own business and take risks, they should have ambitions and be willing to tough it out. For students, ASU provides many opportunities to achieve their goals of entrepreneurship by the Edson Student Entrepreneur Initiative. With the skills they learn in this class and throughout college, one has a good chance in being successful as long as they have the will.

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koolbreezASU said...

entrepreneurs take risks, make money, create jobs, and are the back-bone of the free market capitalist system.