Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Academic Integrity

Academic Integrity is one of the most important part of life at ASU for many reasons. One is that it keeps you from using other people's ideas or work as you own, thus, making you do your own work and not taking short cuts which in life can lead to bad habits. The other reason is that you learn to be responsible and moral because when you cheat your doing harm to yourself both by hurting others and if your caught by your instructor then you can loose points or even fail the class.

As Leslie Shell stats in the presentation "Make sure you know all of the policies and expectations of the instructor teaching the class and of the department offering the course" this is important because sometimes the teacher may allow you to use your own paper from another class or in the past for the current assignment which other wise would be considered dishonesty. Also, the XE designation may appears on your official transcript with a notation, "Failure due to academic dishonesty." A XE would keep you from participating in extracurricular activities like student clubs and sports teams and when you apply for a job and they see that it may effect that as well, so we can see how cheating can affect you for a very long time negatively.

Students should take the extra few minutes it takes to do their own work rather then copying someone elses or looking over at a person's test to see a few answers because those little things you think won't hurt you may very well come back to hurt you even more in the long term.

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Charles Tilson said...

I believe you thought this topic out well and we agree on some issues. First, I agree with you that it is better to obtain your own knowledge and not by cheating. What would be the sense of educating if nobody payed any attention cause they could just cheat their way through.