Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Global engagement

We must remember we are not the only important country in this world and global engagement is extremely crucial to the success of not only America but the world. Being an American we should know whats happening around the world more then we do right now, we sometimes get that idea that everything revolves around us.

As Bud Rock who is the Vice-President for Global Engagement at ASU says "It’s important to realize that that someplace else, that larger world is part of the world in which you live." This is very true because everything we deal with today somehow relates to another nation, such as gas with is from the Middle East, most of our consumer products come from China, and our troops are fighting wars in the Middle East as well. The more aware we are of the world we can do something to help it such as donating money or food to help homeless people in disasters or third world countries. Living in the United States we are a mixture of people from every country in the world and we are very diverse so it's also a good idea to learn other languages such as Spanish or Chinese. The "Global Engagement" Introduction suggest that we get a passport and be ready to travel, whether for pleasure or for your academic pursuits and attend the Study Abroad 101 course. Being engage is not only good for everyone around us but also for yourself since you can feel good that you made a difference in the world.


Alex said...

I agree. Living in a country that is so well-off, we do not always think of those in other countries who are suffering. It is time to pay attention and create solutions.

Chris G said...

I agree with being globally engaged. You make sound very attractive with all of the benefits. I like that you give suggestions about how other can become globally engaged, like getting a passport (for starters) and learning a foreign language like Spanish or Chinese.