Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Succeeding at ASU

Succeeding at ASU or anywhere for that matter is the one goal that everyone no matter their background or viewpoints wants to do. Success is no easy task, but if one is willing to work hard, not take shortcuts, show up to class everyday and ask questions then anyone has the ability to do well in school and eventually in life.

As Afsaneh Nahavandi mentions the transition from high school to college may effect someones mindset and throw them off course. As high school is very structured and everything has a specific due date and time schedule college does not. Some people might take off and ditch a class since they don't care, however, this along with limited instructions on how to do something can cause a new student to be confused and lost. So to counter this, a Freshman needs to set a schedule of when and what to do as well as not to work and be over worked. Stress is another factor that can hurt us so what one can do is play sports or do extra curricular activities that can help and it's good for your body too. One last tip is to visit and talk to your teacher, going to class and learning only 3 days a week and doing most of your learning by reading can be hard to understand. They are there to help you so visit them during their office hours so you can get your specific questions answered.

All of these tips will hopefully help you do well in school and the knowledge you get during you college years will carry on after to your future jobs, since work and school are not that far apart when it comes to asking questions, learning the process, and setting time schedules.


Julio said...

So far this year I haven't had a lot of trouble with stress, and I hope that doesn’t change next semester. I agree with you that we must be prepared for anything, so do be prepared we must manage our time wisely. Keeping a calendar has helped me. Are you putting into practice any of your suggestions?

koolbreezASU said...

Being Prepared is also about adapting to the constant change. Survival of the fittest is for those who adapt to that change. Adapting while making just decisons, is all parlayed from being prepared. Prepared to react.